“The children that attend our school become an extension of our family”

Ms Elaine Azzopardi

School Director.

Strategically located in Hamrun, SamSam Child Care Centre offers an array of facilities and benefits for your child’s wellbeing. Operating from 06:30 till 18:00 Monday to Friday and Saturday(flexible hours) all year round, SamSam Child Care Centre has become the natural choice for working parents.


Accepting children from 4 months old till when they are 6 years, our education programme is aimed at preparing your child for their first regular school experience. During the activities organised such as excursions, themed parties, art and craft lessons or even simply whilst enjoying themselves with the endless educational games available, our experienced and qualified carers ensure they are vigilant at all times.


Especially designed to suit the specific requirements of your child, our childcare centre is bright, colourful and boasting large open indoor and outdoor areas. In fact, due to the diversity in age groups, children are kept apart according to their age groups. Some of the facilities include CCTV monitoring, interactive whiteboards, kitchen facilities and air-conditioned throughout.


Our childcare centre adheres to all health and safety norms and regulations including on-site first-aid qualified assistance.

Happy Childhood Memories Start Here. From Newborn until Kindergarten.

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